Network Event Detection Library (NEDLib)

21 Aout 2004

The website has just been finished while the development of NEDLib is going on. I'm doing my best to release something useful as soon as possible.

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Features of NEDLib 1.0

  • Shared library
  • Object-oriented and intuitive API
  • Support of many network protocols (ethernet,ppp,slip,ip,icmp,tcp,udp,arp,rarp)
  • Multiplatform (Linux, *BSD, ...)
  • Based on libpcap
  • Stable and powerful
  • Full-documented
  • Free (GPL License) !

Roadmap for the 1.0 development

  • 0.2 : Global API Object Architecture.
    Device, Event, Packet, PacketHeader, PacketValue definitions and implementations.
    Will not be released (transitional).
  • 0.4 : Implementation of the sniffing functionnalities.
    Device->Run(), multithreading, Debug and Error handling.
    Will not be released (transitional).
  • 0.6 : Packet comparaisons and event detection.
    Packet queues, Event handling, Complete support of Ethernet-IP-TCP/UDP.
    Will be released.
  • O.8 : Complete protocols support.
    Optimizations in packet queues (automatic elimination).
    Event callback functions and Automatic command execution.
    Will be relased.
  • 1.0 : Finalisation.
    Better platform-independent structure.
    Optimizations of all kind.
    Documentation and pre-compiled binaries.
    Complete Debugging.
    Will be released.
Network Event Detection Library