Network Event Detection Library (NEDLib)

21 Aout 2004

The website has just been finished while the development of NEDLib is going on. I'm doing my best to release something useful as soon as possible.

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Welcome on NEDLib website !

NEDLib means "Network Event Detection Library". The NEDLib project aims to build a powerful and flexible shared library that allows easy and advanced detection of all kind of network events. With the help of an intuitive and object-oriented API, every average developer should be able to make his program react to network happenings of his choice, like a simple ICMP packet, a TCP connection attempt or port scan, an UDP flood or anything else he can describe to the library !

NEDLib is free ! Indeed, NEDLib is released under the GNU GPL licence. It means that you can freely use it, modify it and give it to anyone, since you keep it as free as it was. The choice of the GPL (and not LGPL) could seem extremist to some people, since it means that you can only use it with free software (NEDLib is a shared library), but I don't want closed-source softwares take the benneffit of my work. It's my choice, and I'm ready to discuss it.

This website is supposed to provide all you need to know about NEDLib through its different sections. I'm trying to make documentation in other languages and to translate everything I can for the non-english speakers. FAQ and Documentation should be your first start points, but the project page on sourceforge is certainly also useful since you'll find mailing-lists and forums. Anyway, feel free to contact me if you don't find what you're looking for.

As free software, NEDLib can hardly become better without remarks, propositions or bug reports ! Don't hesitate to mail/post if you have anything to say or if you want to join the staff.

Big thanks to Adal Chiriliuc for this design, to the libpcap/tcpdump team, to the sourceforge staff and generally to all the open source contributers.

Othman Nasrou

Network Event Detection Library